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Education Linking Scientific Discovery to Technological Innovation

The ERC Education and Outreach program will prepare “illumineers” for successful competition in the global economy. Through an emphasis on teamwork, multidisciplinary projects and multi-institutional programs, engagement with industry, research labs, domestic and international universities, K-12 schools and museums; and an increasingly diverse student body, the ERC students develop the engineering, illumination, and leadership skills needed to realize a smart lighting future.

The ERC’s Education and Outreach programs provide:

  • Exceptional research opportunities based on strong fundamental science
  • Active, regular engagement with industry, research labs, domestic and international universities
  • Programs for pre-college schools, community colleges and museums
  • Commitment to an ever more diverse student body and workforce
  • Hands-on training in best practices in design, product development, entrepreneurship, and contemporary engineering tools
  • Learning experiences in creating and protecting intellectual property
  • Opportunities for making presentations to industry, academia, and government sponsors

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