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Undergraduate and Graduate Research

LESA students get hands-on, real-world leadership, research and entrepreneurial experience. They have many opportunities to present research, interact with industry partners, participate in workshops and seminars that go beyond engineering into the realms  of: intellectual property management, entrepreneurship, and real life experience working under the guidance of LESA’s expert faculty and researchers.

LESA graduate students can be part of the Student Leadership Council, where they learn to develop leadership skills by running their own meetings, organizing events, and creating a constructive collaborative environment with their peers to provide input on relevant issues at the Center.

Ongoing Programs

Undergraduate Research Program (URP)

LESA has several Rensselaer URP slots available during the academic year as well as during the summer. Rensselaer students can apply to work on available LESA research project under the advisement of a LESA faculty or research member. Visit the Rensselaer URP website for further information. Available positions will be posted on the LESA homepage.

New York State Empire Development Corp.

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