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University of New Mexico

Lee Brown
Lee BrownProfessor of Internal Medicine and Director of UNM Hospital Sleep Disorder Center
Interests & Expertise
Pulmonary disease, internal medicine and sleep medicine.
Steve Brueck
Steve BrueckDistinguished Professor, Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Physics and Astronomy, ERC Associate Director
Interests & Expertise
Optical lithography for the definition of nanoscale structures and their use in nanophotonics (including plasmonics and metamaterials), in nanoscale epitaxial growth, and in nanofluidics.
Daniel Feezell
Daniel FeezellAssistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Epitaxial growth, fabrication, and characterization of group III-nitride materials and devices, Nonpolar/semipolar orientations of GaN. Solid-state lighting and high-efficiency LEDs. Visible edge-emitting lasers and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Applications of group III-nitrides to energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Majeed Hayat
Majeed HayatProfessor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Associate Director, Center for High Technology Materials
Interests & Expertise
Probabilistic modeling of impact ionization and avalanche multiplication in submicron layers; ultrafast and low-noise heterojunction avalanche photodiodes for lightwave systems; probabilistic modeling of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes and single-photon detection systems; modeling ultrafast optical receivers and novel methods to reduce intersymbol interference; algorithms for real-time nonuniformity correction in infrared focal-plane arrays.
Meeko M. Oishi
Meeko M. OishiAssociate Professor and Regents' Lecturer, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Providing guarantees of safety and performance in cyberphysical systems through careful design of controllers and user-interfaces. As computing power continues to grow and embedded automation becomes common place, advanced tools and methods are needed to analyze and control hybrid systems, especially when human interaction is required. My research has been applied to aircraft flight management systems, automated anesthesia delivery, and most recently to collaborative control of powered wheelchairs.
Ashwin Rishinaramangalam
Ashwin RishinaramangalamPostdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Revolutionary, co-axial LED design based on a scalable, repeatable and industrially viable Gallium Nitride growth process. This has the potential to deliver performance improvements in many of the LED parameters that are critical for the various Smart Lighting thrusts. My other research interests include semiconductor processing, characterization and modeling.
Stefi Weisburd
Stefi WeisburdOureach and Education Manager, School of Engineering
Payman Zarkesh-Ha
Payman Zarkesh-HaAssociate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Prof. Zarkesh-Ha’s research interest is on VLSI designs and systems. More specifically, his current research work focuses on readout integrated circuits (ROICs) for imaging applications, infrared and visible light camera systems, high-performance and low power chip designs, 3D integrated circuits, as well as novel carbon nanotube based devices (CNFETs).

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