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Boston University Students

Jiawei Chen
Jiawei ChenPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Janusz Konrad and Prakash Ishwar
Research Interests:
My current research interests primarily pertain to human action and gesture recognition at extremely low resolutions using methods such as convolutional neural network.
Emily Lam
Emily LamPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Thomas Little
Research Interests:
My research is in the area of adaptable optical communications for Visible Light Communications (VLC) in smart spaces. Currently, I am investigating dimmable modulation schemes that are spectrally and energy efficient, such as OFDM, and realizing these schemes in a testbed environment.
Jinyuan Zhao
Jinyuan ZhaoPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Prakash Ishwar and Janusz Konrad.
Research Interests:
My research interest is indoor light transport analysis with LED light fixtures and color sensors.

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