Boston University Students

Jiawei Chen
Jiawei ChenPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Janusz Konrad and Prakash Ishwar
Research Interests:
My current research interests primarily pertain to human action and gesture recognition at extremely low resolutions using methods such as convolutional neural network.
Emily Lam
Emily LamPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Thomas Little
Research Interests:
My research is in the area of adaptable optical communications for Visible Light Communications (VLC) in smart spaces. Currently, I am investigating dimmable modulation schemes that are spectrally and energy efficient, such as OFDM, and realizing these schemes in a testbed environment.
Jessica Morrison
Jessica MorrisonPhD Student Physics
Advisor: David Bishop
Research Interests:
My research involves the integration of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with household lighting. This combination allows for dynamic control of both beam focusing and beam steering which can be used in applications such as Visible Light Communications and selective illumination.
Corey Pollock
Corey PollockPhD Student ECE
Advisor: David Bishop
Research Interests:
My research is micro-electromechanical systems and specifically for optical systems applications.
Jinyuan Zhao
Jinyuan ZhaoPhD Student ECE
Advisor: Prakash Ishwar and Janusz Konrad.
Research Interests:
My research interest is indoor light transport analysis with LED light fixtures and color sensors.