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University of New Mexico Students

Javad Ghasemi
Javad GhasemiPhD Student Elect. & Comp. Engineering
Advisor: Payman Zarkesh-Ha
Research Interests:
Design of sensing circuitry to acquire and process the image from the focal plane arrays (FPAs) is my current research focus. In the design of integrated read-out circuits (ROIC), the challenges that has to address, includes low-noise, high performance, low power IC designs and testing of the integrated circuits.
Joseph Gleason
Joseph GleasonResearch AssistantAdvisor: Dr. Meeko Oishi
Research Interests:
Control systems, biological control systems.
Mottaleb Hossain
Mottaleb HossainPhD Student Optical Science & Engineering
Advisor: Majeed Hayat
Research Interests:
My research is focused on the design, modeling, and characterization of CMOS compatible silicon avalanche photodiodes (Si APDs) and integrated plasmonic detectors. I’m also interested in the development of advanced materials and devices for optoelectronics and photonics, especially in III-V compound semiconductors. Currently I’m involved in research on detectors for smart-lighting systems.
Shima Nezhadbadeh
Shima NezhadbadehPhD Student
Advisor: Steve Brueck
Research Interests:
My Research Interests are photonic integrated Circuits, Nano fabrication, VLSI. My research is about CMOS compatible Plenoptic Sensors.

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