LESA Researchers Published in PLOS ONE for Work on Optimizing Sleep and Alertness

Agung Julius and John T. Wen’s research findings were recently published in PLOS ONE for their work on time optimal entrainment control for circadian rhythm regulation. They have developed ‘new ways to optimize sleep for alertness through light exposure‘ and were featured on Rensselaer News. Their work is part of ongoing research at LESA, resulting in several subsequent publications around circadian function, circadian phase shift, and the effects of healthy lighting funded by the Army Research Office, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.  The health effects of lighting on circadian regulation are profound but not widely understood. Research efforts at LESA aim to dispel unscientifically sound perceptions around healthy lighting while furthering understanding of human circadian function. LESA ‘s Healthcare vertical is focused on improving human health and wellness through healthy lighting methods and applications.


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