LESA Visiting Scholar’s Work Referenced in Horticultural Lighting Newsletter

Cheif Researcher Jurga Miliauskiene from the Institute of Horticulture at the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry was mentioned in the November issue of LEDs Horticultral Lighting monthly newsletter for the research work she recently completed at LESA. Miliauskiene’s work on the effects of  pulsed lighting for CEA qulaity-crop production, was the subject of a recent guest blog for LEDs Magazine as well.

Miliauskiene is an internationally renowned plant scientists from Lithuania. She joined the Plant Science team for two months beginning in September working alongside Sr. Plant Scientist Elsebeth Kolmos to furthers understanding of advanced horticulture lighting techniques. To learn more about Miliauskiene’s research or to be connected with her, please contact Leah Scott at scottl2@rpi.edu or 518-276-4010.


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