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Fundamental Research

  • Biohazard Detection
  • Plenoptic Sensors
  • Efficient Sources
  • Dynamic Optical Controls

The fundamental research at LESA has and continues to focus on the development of solid state light (SSL) source technology that can translate to system, sources, and sensors level performance to provide low cost, energy efficient, lighting systems that think™. LESA’s exploration of LEDs and phosphor fundamentals address parameters such as polarization, wavelength, intensity, spectral distribution, tunable light generation, and absorption in the development of progressive concepts and technologies for SSL applications.

Dynamic Optical Control: Linda Schadler, RPI

  • MEMS Devices for Beam Shaping – David Bishop, BU
  • Mesoscopic Ordered Optical Systems – Chaitanya Ullal, RPI
  • High Index Material systems for dynamic optical control – Linda Schadler, RPI

Efficient LEDs: Daniel Feezell, UNM

  • Superluminescent diodes (SLEDs) – Daniel Feezell, UNM
  • Coaxial Nanowall GaN LEDs – Daniel Feezell, UNM
  • Monolithic Optoelectronic Integration – Paul Chow, RPI

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