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Interactive Realities
Imagine attending a meeting where the room itself is one of the participants. It is active and thinking – able to keep track of the agenda, record action items, refocus discussions, assess who is engaged, and provide resources upon request. This futuristic scenario is just one of the technological advances LESA is pioneering. By perfecting interactions between sensors and controls for speech recognition, activity sensing, and pose-detection processed by the right algorithms, the room becomes an intelligent member of the team.

LESA is creating intelligent service systems utilizing advanced Time of Flight (TOF) sensors, custom-made beam-forming microphones, natural-language algorithms, and specific lighting and temperature conditions, among others to create self-commissioning environments for seamless integration into SMART building systems. Reserach and technology in this space can be accerlated with AR/VR enabled technology as well for training machine learning algorithms to respond to the indoor environmental conditions needed. Tools and applications in this space have widespread uses in meeting-rich envionments such the board room, school classrooms, bullpen sessions or any other setting where human interactioin needs to be productive.

Research Focus
Research efforts include sensors and controls that enable comprehensive integreation betewen human-systems and intelligent room design. More than the inclusion of augmented or virtual reality, interactive realities means creating self-commissioning environments outfitted with occupant aware systems. In additiontion we are also utilizing the RPI RAVE Lab headed by deputy director Rich Radke to explore reserach and technology in this emerging space.

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