September 15, 2010

Smart Lighting ERC Held the Inaugural Event for the Industrial Speaker Series

The Smart Lighting ERC Industrial Speaker Series at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a seminar series aiming to present an industry perspective on smart lighting technologies and markets. In addition, in line with the ERC mission to teach students about life in industry, each speaker will be sharing their personal story of how they came into industry and how their career path has influenced their life.

The events are open to all RPI faculty and students, not only participants in the ERC. In addition, presentations will be made available live via Adobe Connect to the core partner institutions Boston University and The University of New Mexico, outreach partner schools Howard University, Morgan State University and Rose Hulman Institute of Technnology, as well as to the industrial members.

The opening of the series took place on Wednesday, September 15, 2010. Annette Finsterbusch, founder of Applied Ventures, the investing arm of industrial member Applied Materials, talked about “Investing in Solid State Lighting: the Past, the Present and the Future”. In front of a standing-room-only audience, Ms. Finsterbusch discussed the investment landscape of the lighting industry, focusing on the recent past and present opportunities. She also discussed how today’s early stage technology development fuels the future investment opportunity pipeline, and the key aspects of successful start-up companies that investors are looking for. The seminar ended in a lively questions and answers session with members of the audience. Graduate student Kayvan Rafiee from the Mechanical Engineering Department said “This was such a wonderful event and one of best talks at RPI I have ever been to!”

The next events in the series are presentations by the Industrial Advisory Board member Dr. Matt Stough from Osram Sylvania on October 13, 2010, and Scientific Advisory Board member Kevin Dowling, VP of Research and Development from MC10 on November 17, 2010.


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