August 19, 2010

SiC Systems, Inc and the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center (ERC) awarded National Science Foundation Grant to develop Increased Efficiency Green LEDs

GOLDEN, COLORADO, and TROY, NY, August 19, 2010. The National Science Foundation awarded a $200,000 grant to SiC Systems, Inc. to partner with the Smart Lighting ERC in order to develop LEDs with increased efficiency.

SiC Systems’ unique ability to produce large area, 6″ Silicon Carbide substrates in different crystallographic orientations will be combined with the Smart Lighting ERC’s capability to develop advanced LEDs with higher performance than those routinely available today on sapphire substrates. While high power blue GaN LEDs are widely used now for solid state lighting applications, there are still significant barriers in developing efficient GaN LEDs at other wavelengths that will be needed to achieve high performance lighting systems with high color fidelity.

By combining advanced Silicon Carbide structures from SiC Systems with innovative LED growth and fabrication technology under development at RPI in Professor Wetzel’s group, this team will explore new approaches to driving GaN to higher levels of efficiency at a broader range of operating wavelengths than can be obtained today with conventional LED growth on sapphire substrates.

Additionally, this collaboration will train and engage graduate and undergraduate researchers in an area of great technological importance, both at SiC Systems and at the ERC. SicSystems Inc. anticipates as many as 25 new jobs will be created with the increased demand from this technological break through.

The awardees would like to acknowledge the SBIR/STTR and ERC programs for providing the funding.


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