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LESA Researchers to present at ICASSP 2017
Mar 9 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Join LESA Researchers at their Poster (#3216), “Privacy-Preserving Indoor Localization via Light Transport Analysis” by Jinyuan Zhao, Prakash Ishwar and Janusz Konrad on Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 8:30am until 10:30am in Churchill, Poster Area B.  Their poster topic is Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing: Sensor Array Processing.

Dr. Tessa Pocock to Present at 2017 Phosphor Global Summit
Mar 15 @ 9:05 am – 10:05 am

Sensing and Signaling Networks in Plants. What’s Light Got to Do with it?

Recent advances in solid state lighting technology are enabling the development of ‘designer’ crops. The use of light by plants is rapid and complex. Light is the primary energy source required for crop growth and development but it also contains signals that shape the plant down to sub-cellular levels. Two sensing and signaling networks exist in plants however their regulation is crop specific. The assessment of lighting and spectral distributions on photosynthesis, growth and phytochemical value will be presented.

Dr. Hella and Dr. Fahs to present at OFC Conference 2017
Mar 22 @ 1:30 pm – 1:45 pm

3 Gb/s OOK VLC Link Using Bandwidth-Enhanced CMOS Avalanche Photodiode, Bassem Fahs1, Mona M. Hella1 ; 1 ECSE – LESA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., USA. This paper presents a 3-Gb/s OOK VLC link over 1.5-m distance with BER <10−6. The setup uses a custom CMOS Avalanche photodiode with a 3×3 subsections design for bandwidth enhancement and a 680-nm laser diode.

Presentation is part of “Low Cost Systems for Wireless and Non-telecom Applications” Track, Room 407

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