LESA - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


LESA research education prepares “illumineers” to be successful and competitive in the global economy. Through teamwork, mentor-based training, multidisciplinary projects, and engagement with an increasingly diverse RPI student body, participants learn important skills that help accelerate academic progression and career opportunities.

If you or your organization is interested in proposing an educational outreach program or opportunity with LESA illumineers, please send an inquiry or program proposal to the LESA Marketing and Outreach Manager, Leah Scott.

LESA Education programs provide:

  • Exceptional research opportunities based on the STEM focus with emphasis on Women and Minorities in STEM
  • Active, regular engagement with LESA’s renowned researchers and experts
  • Outreach Opportunities K-12 and college prep students; community college and vocational students; and other local organizations such as: STEM clubs and community outreach, among others
  • Experiential learning with a diverse group of engineers, scientists, field researchers, and industry experts
  • Hands-on training of best practices in contemporary engineering design, product development, and entrepreneurship
  • Understanding of the discovery to commercialization process with regards to protecting and licensing intellectual property
  • Opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, give presentations, network, and professional development