LESA - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


LESA is building the innovation ecosystem that brings together industry, academia, and economic development organizations to accelerate the commercialization of discoveries.

LESA’s industry partners make up a diverse mix of small, medium, and large companies from around the world with business and technology interests across the Center’s research areas. Industry members are involved at key levels that include:

  • Opportunities to help steer the direction of current and future LESA research
  • Preferential or first-right of refusal to commercializing LESA produced IP
  • Participation in sponsored research and in LESA’s generous IP Program
  • Invitations to partner on externally funded state and federal programs such as NYSERDA, DOE, DOD, and NSF
  • Access to LESA’s professional network and networking opportunities and events
  • Actively recruit and hire LESA’s exceptionally trained graduates
  • Early and exclusive access to EBESS opportunities
  • Membership benefits
  • Why LESA? 

LESA Membership