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From Lab Bench to the Marketplace

LESA is building the innovation ecosystem that brings together industry, academia and economic development organizations to accelerate the commercialization of discoveries at the Center.

LESA’s industrial partners comprise a diverse mix of small, medium and large companies from around the world with business interests across all the Center’s research areas. Industry members are involved at very key levels that include:

  • Provide input into the LESA research to keep it relevant to real-world applications
  • Preferential rights to commercializing LESA produced IP through first right of refusal
  • Participation in outreach programs and center events such as Industry-Academia Days
  • Access to LESA’s networks and networking opportunities
  • Actively recruit and hire LESA graduates

In addition to industry partnerships, an important role is played by our innovation partners which are organizations that are aligned with the goals of job creation and supporting entrepreneurship.

New York State Empire Development Corp.

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