Industrial Membership Benefits

New Technology Developments

Member companies have access to leading research in systems, devices and materials that are driving the Smart Lighting industry. As an ERC member, you receive monthly research updates via web conferencing and communications on Center activities, such as quarterly research project updates and annual reports. The center holds an annual conference, Smart Spaces: Annual Industry-Academia Days, focused on briefing industry on the latest smart lighting developments through faculty presentations and student poster sessions.

Intellectual Property Access

Since its inception, the center has filed 19 US and International patents. As an ERC member, you receive early notice of invention disclosures and priority licensing rights according to membership tier.

Exclusive Center Event Participation

The Center holds events open only to members: the Smart Lighting ERC Speaker Series and the NSF Site Review. As an ERC member, you and any colleague can attend. The seminar series can be attended live via webcast, and is also recorded, and made available for watching on an intranet wiki.

Skilled-Workforce Recruiting

The ERC students are well-rounded, have cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial education, systems engineering experience and understand the importance of intellectual property. As an ERC member, you will have the opportunity to network with the students at Center events and during campus visits, facilitating recruitment for internships and permanent positions.

Members-Only Access 24/7 to ERC Information

As an ERC member, you have 24/7 online access to key information, such as research updates, IP disclosures, Speaker Series presentations and recordings, etc., via an intranet wiki.

Collaboration Opportunities

The ERC faculty are experts in areas relevant to smart lighting, and can serve as the long-term research arm of companies. Visits between member companies and ERC researchers are organized to facilitate sponsored research of advanced R&D, either tailored to your specific corporate need, or jointly pursue government funding.

Global Connections

Global connections established with other center members can lead to partnering along the value-chain in mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Strategic Direction and Research Influence

Each company gets a seat on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) with voting rights commensurate with membership level.The IAB reviews the Center’s research and presents annually a SWOT analysis to the ERC Leadership and the NSF review team.

Leveraging NSF Funding

In 2015-2016 the Smart Lighting ERC will receive $4M from NSF, so a $35K annual membership is leveraged more than 100:1.

2015 – 2016 Membership Levels

Full Affiliate
$35,000 $15,000 or $7,000 (Less than 20 employees)
priority IP rights, full voting power reduced IP rights, voting power