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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Faculty & Research Staff

Paul Chow
Paul ChowProfessor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Integration of photonic devices with power switching and mixed signal devices to realize optoelectronic ICs in GaN. Also, he is developing novel device concepts, processing and circuit models for high-voltage Si, GaAs, wide bandgap (particularly SiC and GaN) semiconductor power devices and/or ICs.
Ken Connor
Ken ConnorProfessor, ECSE and LESA Education Director
Interests & Expertise
Technology enhanced learning, particularly the impact of integrated hand-held mobile technology used in support of experiment centric pedagogy within a blended, personalized learning environment; instrumentation for lighting control, engineering education, diversity in the engineering workforce.
Partha Dutta
Partha DuttaProfessor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Wavelength conversion compounds (Phosphors and Quantum Dots) in powder, thin film and colloidal solutions. Nanoparticles, thin film and bulk crystals of optically clear tunable refractive index material.
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of full spectrum phosphor LEDs, III-V semiconductor photodetectors, nano-particle based ultra-sensitive photosensors.
Optical link design and LED modulation schemes for free space visible light communication systems.
Integrated lighting and display systems design such as virtual windows.
Mona Hella
Mona HellaAssociate Professor, ECSE Sensors Thrust Leader
Interests & Expertise
High speed integrated circuits for wireless and wireline optical communications, advanced light sensors, high speed optical communication circuits. Microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuits and systems, power amplifier linearization, applications of microwaves in biology and medicine, energy harvesting circuits

Agung Julius
Agung JuliusAssociate Professor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Systems and control theory. His research interests are in the area of hybrid systems and systems biology. At the Smart Lighting ERC, Dr. Julius has been collaborating with Dr. John Wen in the use of smart lighting in circadian rhythm control.
Robert Karlicek
Robert KarlicekProfessor, ECSE ERC Center Director
Interests & Expertise
LED chip design, thermal management, packaging technoloyg, photonics crystal optics, SS luminaire design.
James Lu
James LuProfessor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Micro-nano-electronics technology from theory and design to materials, devices, processing, and system integration; particularly in 3D hyper-integration technology, micro-nano-bio interfaces for future chips, LEDs, sensors and micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) in combination(3D integration) with CMOS based technologies for smart lighting systems.
Sandipan Mishra
Sandipan MishraAssociate Professor, MANE
Interests & Expertise
Broad area of controls and dynamic systems, with application to smart lighting systems. Research thrusts include design of estimation and feedback control algorithms for delivering desired dynamically changing illumination fields. In particular, we are targeting daylight compensation techniques using learning-based algorithms.
Joel Plawsky
Joel PlawskyProfessor, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Transport and interfacial phenomena with a focus on the fundamental behavior of materials. Applications lie in the fields of: Microelectronics – Dielectric breakdown, reliability; Photonics – Passive dielectrics, photocatalytic/sensing materials; Energy/Interfacial Heat & Mass Transfer; Biological Systems – biofilm control, blood contact Materials and devices; and Composite NanoMaterials – thermal management, chromatography-on-a-chip.
Tessa Pocock
Tessa PocockSenior Research Scientist
Interests & Expertise
Plant research utilizing the integration of ultra-efficient LED lighting systems with sophisticated sensor networks and advanced lighting control methods to understand how spectrally dynamic lighting can benefit all living systems.

Rich Radke
Rich RadkeProfessor, ESCE and ERC Deputy Director
Interests & Expertise
Computer vision, image processing, camera networks, video analytics and surveillance, 3D/range imagery, radiation therapy treatment planning, visual effects, applications in medicine, biology, robotics, and art.
Arthur Sanderson
Arthur SandersonProfessor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Robotics, intelligent systems, distributed sensor networks, and smart lighting systems. He and his students are developing novel algorithms for adaptive sampling and optimization of lighting fields leading to improved productivity, health, and efficiency in future lighting applications.
Susan Sanderson
Susan SandersonAssociate Professor, Lally School of Management & Technology
Interests & Expertise
Management of innovation, product and industry development. Research on the evolution of the LED lighting and display industries and the role of innovative technologies in firms and markets in the global context.
Shayla Sawyer
Shayla SawyerAssociate Professor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Ultraviolet and blue LEDs for reagentless detection and identification of biohazards with potential to both detect and destroy biological treats to a healthy environment. Lifetime decay, fluorescence intensity, and spectral analysis are investigated with controlled or pulsed, narrow, multi-wavelength UV LEDs for active bio-sensing within a smart space.
Linda Schadler
Linda SchadlerVice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education
Interests & Expertise
Polymer nanocomposites, with a particular interest in the impact of the nanoparticle / matrix interface on optical, mechanical, and electrical properties. Within the ERC focus is on tailoring the index of refraction of nanoparticle-filled polymers for encapsulant and lens applications.
Michael Shur
Michael ShurPatricia W. and C. Sheldon Roberts Professor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
Modeling, simulation, and characterization of semiconductor devices, circuits, and systems including LED modeling, simulation, and design, novel LEDs and LED systems, deep UV LEDs, and adaptive LED lamps with variable and controlled spectral power distribution for biomedical, agricultural, and industrial applications.
Richard Siegel
Richard SiegelProfessor, Materials Science & Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Siegel is involved in the synthesis and processing, characterization, properties, and applications of nanostructured materials. A focus is the creation of nanoscale inorganic nanoparticles that can be dispersed in polymer matrices to tailor the properties of these nanocomposites, including their optical and processing behavior for high refractive index LED encapsulants.
Ken Simons
Ken SimonsAssociate Professor, Economics
Interests & Expertise
Dr. Kenneth L. Simons analyzes technology and industry dynamics, including industry creation and entrepreneurship, disruptive technological change, industry shakeouts, and nationwide influences on technology growth. His work on LEDs develops methods to analyze worldwide patent data to study competitive trends, and characterizes processes of the emergence of LED-related products and industries.
Arunas Tuzikas
Arunas TuzikasResearch Engineer
Interests & Expertise
Color science, artificial lighting, smart lighting systems, lighting control algorithms. As an engineer I’m focus on LED lighting control, starting from the LED drivers, PCB design, lighting simulation till the implementation of the user interface.
Chaitanya Ullal
Chaitanya UllalAssistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Interests & Expertise
Large area nanofabrication, soft matter and optics with a focus on super-resolution optics such as STED microscopy. Within the LESA ERC the focus is on controlling refractive index in 3D with nanoscale resolution over cm areas for applications in secondary optics.
Morris Washington
Morris WashingtonClinical Professor, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy
Interests & Expertise
Dr. Washington’s research interests include design and fabrication of compound semiconductor photonic devices, new material systems and transport of nanoscale interconnects and contacts for semiconductor integrated circuits.
John Wen
John WenHead, Industrial Systems Engineering and Professor, ECSE
Interests & Expertise
John Wen’s research interest lies in the modeling, optimization and control of dynamical systems, including: Opto-mechatronics – integrated design of static and active optical elements, motion control, image processing to achieve new functionalities; Distributed optimization for networked systems subject to constraints; Regulation of lighting for biological systems, e.g., in circadian rhythm.
Christian Wetzel
Christian WetzelAssociate Dean, School of Science and Constellation Professor, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy
Interests & Expertise
Christian Wetzel and his team are interested in all aspects of photonic-electric energy conversion, in particular high flux light emitting diodes and emerging 3rd generation solar cells. Current materials of choice include wide bandgap group-III nitrides in epitaxy, characterization, and devices.

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