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RPI Students

Asif Jahangir Chowdhury
Asif Jahangir ChowdhuryPhD Student ECSE,
Research Interests:
My research area is the design of Analog Integrated Circuits for visible light communication (VLC) and design of CMOS photo detectors. Currently, I am investigating the different configurations of CMOS PDs for achieving high responsivity in the visible light spectrum with enhanced speed.”
Hari Vijaymohanan
Hari VijaymohananPhD Student - Materials EngineeringAdvisor: Chaitanya Ullal
T.K. Woodstock
T.K. WoodstockPhD Student ECSEAdvisor: Art Sanderson
Research Interests:
I plan to integrate a combination of Pattern Recognition, Sensor Fusion and Adaptive Control Methods to determine a desirable target light field based on occupant activity in a space. Particular emphasis will be placed on human factors considerations in the criteria and efficient computational methods to provide continuous capability. The goal of the research is to provide a desirable light field to meet the needs of each occupant and the overall room activity.

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