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RPI Students

Indrani Bhattacharya
Indrani BhattacharyaPhD Student ECSEAdvisor: Rich Radke
Adam Bross
Adam BrossPhD Student Materials Science Engineering
Advisor: Christian Wetzel
Research Interests:
My research focus is on solving the efficiency droop problem of GaN-based LEDs. (The efficiency of the device decreases significantly as current to the device is increased.) My approach is to grow LED structures on nanopatterned templates with the goal of reducing both the strain and defect density in the LED structure. In addition to the traditional c-plane orientation of GaN, I am also using this technique to grow LEDs in the non- polar a-plane orientation which promises to reduce polarization effects that are a problem in polar c-plane devices.

Asif Jahangir Chowdhury
Asif Jahangir ChowdhuryPhD Student ECSE,
Research Interests:
My research area is the design of Analog Integrated Circuits for visible light communication (VLC) and design of CMOS photo detectors. Currently, I am investigating the different configurations of CMOS PDs for achieving high responsivity in the visible light spectrum with enhanced speed.”
Michael Deagen
Michael DeagenPhD Student Materials Science Engineering
Advisor(s): C. Ulall & L. Schadler
Research Interests:
My research interests include advanced 3-D nano-scale fabrication techniques to create compact secondary optics for LEDs that utilize polymer nano-composite materials with tunable refractive indices;

Brian Frey
Brian FreyPhD Student Physics
Advisor: Shawn Yu-Lin
Research Interests:
My research interests are in the areas of photonics and condensed matter physics, and include the simulation and design of photonic crystal structures for use in advanced luminaires. Particularly of interest is the application of 3D photonic crystals to increase the conversion efficiency of phosphor-based white and monochromatic LEDs. In addition, I’m interested in novel surface-roughening and nano-patterning techniques for addressing the extraction problem in visible and UV LEDs.
Marissa Giovino
Marissa GiovinoPhD Student Materials Eng.Advisor: Linda Schadler
Zhibo (Aaron) Guo
Zhibo (Aaron) GuoPhD Student ECSEAdvisor: Paul Chow
Toufiq Imam
Toufiq Imam PhD Student ECSEAdvisor: Sandipan Mishra
Prachi Sharma
Prachi SharmaPhD Student, ECSE
Advisor: Shayla Sawyer
Research Interests:
My research focuses on fabrication and characterization of metal-oxide nano-particles based on ultraviolet photodetectors for real-time detection of microbes in a smart room. I am working towards development of nano-composite sensors using polymers and graphene to enhance sensor responsivity and obtain fast time response.
Hari Vijaymohanan
Hari VijaymohananPhD Student - Materials EngineeringAdvisor: Chaitanya Ullal
T.K. Woodstock
T.K. WoodstockPhD Student ECSEAdvisor: Art Sanderson
Research Interests:
I plan to integrate a combination of Pattern Recognition, Sensor Fusion and Adaptive Control Methods to determine a desirable target light field based on occupant activity in a space. Particular emphasis will be placed on human factors considerations in the criteria and efficient computational methods to provide continuous capability. The goal of the research is to provide a desirable light field to meet the needs of each occupant and the overall room activity.

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