LESA Center Work on UVC Disinfection Gets National Recognition in U.S.News

Dr. Robert Karlicek, Director of the Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications (LESA) Center, was interviewed by HealthDay on the ‘unique system for using UVC light to sterilize masks in bulk developed at Rensselaer‘ as part of a feature article, UV Light Won’t Treat COVID-19 — But it Might Disinfect Medical Gear that appeared in USNews.com.

The work was an interdisciplinary collaboration between LESA and CBIS. This project began at the request of longtime research partners at Mount Sinai. As the pandemic worsened in New York City, and the shortage of PPE deepened, they asked if Rensselaer could develop a way to make critical resources last longer without losing their effectiveness.

“It’s generally well known that UV-C radiation kills microbes,” said Bob Karlicek Jr. “What’s not known is the specific quantities of UV-C radiation that is required to fully disinfect complex equipment like N95 masks, because you have to get the light to the inside of the mask.”

To learn more about UVC disinfection and the LESA Center visit: lesa.rpi.edu.


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