LESA & GLASE Experts Offer Insights into Controlled Environment Agriculture in LEDs Magazine Blog Series

The LESA Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Greenhouse Lighting & Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium experts from Cornell University participated in a four-part guest blog series with LEDs Magazine between July and October. Throughout the series, they discussed research methods, applications, industry trends and future farming insights for controlled environment agriculture. The blog series was extremely popular generating significant interest around LESA and GLASE research initiatives. Two of the four blogs were ranked among LEDs ‘Top 5 Blogs of 2019’ – including the number 1 spot.

Research seeks to de-risk technology for controlled environment agriculture
Guest blogger ERICO MATTOS of GLASE elaborates on ways to develop and deploy effective horticultural lighting technologies for commercial success.

Balance taste, nutrition, and crop yield with UV light exposure 
ELSEBETH KOLMOS of LESA describes what research has revealed about plant responses to ultraviolet light and observes there is much more to be learned.

Science advances toward a greater understanding of plant responses to light
NEIL MATTSON of GLASE shares how scientists can observe plant responses to light, which he will discuss in depth at HortiCann Light + Tech.

Exploring the effects of pulsed lighting application in controlled environmental agriculture
Internationally renowned plant scientist JURGA MALINAUSKIENE furthers understanding of advanced horticulture lighting techniques with research conducted at the LESA Center.


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