LESA presents at 2022 DOE Solid-State Lighting Workshop
LESA presents at 2022 DOE Solid-State Lighting Workshop

LESA presents at 2022 DOE Solid-State Lighting Workshop

Last week, current LESA Center research was featured in several sessions at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solid-State Lighting Workshop, which was held virtually again this year and was co-sponsored by the Illumination Engineering Society.

In the Non-Visual Physiological Responses to Light session, John Hanifin of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, presented Optimizing Tunable Lighting for Human Health.  The LESA Center is a collaborator on this newly funded research by the Department of Energy, which is led by Hanifin and the team at the Light Research Lab at Thomas Jefferson University and includes additional collaborators from Tulane University and Telelumen, LLC.

Session presentation link – Hanifin starts at 47:58

In the Next Generation Lighting Professionals session, Ken Connor represented the Inclusive Engineering Consortium and the LESA Center in a presentation on lessons learned and best practices on engineering education on the K-12 to college pathway.

Session presentation link – Connor starts at 35:00

In the Advances in LED Materials and Devices session, Wouter Soer of Lumileds, presented Digital Light Source Technology for Adaptive Lighting Systems.  Part of this presentation included Lumileds research contributions to the LESA Center’s DOE funded research on spatially adaptive tunable lighting systems.  Lumileds is a collaborator on the research effort along with RPI’s Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) and HKS, Inc.  Bob Karlicek presented a poster on this LESA research program as well, entitled Spatially Adaptive Tunable Lighting Control System with Expanded Wellness and Energy Saving Benefits.

Session presentation link – Soer starts at 03:00

Poster presentation link

In the Innovations in Display Architecture for Improved Energy Efficiency and Performance, Bob Karlicek of the LESA Center, presented Can Energy Efficient Windowless Buildings be Livable?  This presentation explored applications of display technologies in the built environment.

Session presentation link – Karlicek starts at 46:15

Note:  The DOE has indicated that the video presentations (linked above) will remain available online for the next 30 days, until approximately first week in March 2022.