LESA’s UVC Disinfection Work with Mt. Sinai Cited in IEEE Spectrum

Center Director Robert Karlicek comments on the ‘unique systems for using UVC light to sterilize masks in bulk‘ in the October IEEE Spectrum issue: The Next Pandemic.

“Germicidal UV lamps destroy vicious viruses, new technology might put them many more places without harming humans,” Mark Anderson suggests in his IEEE Spectrum article, The Ultra-Violet Offense (pages 50 – 55), published this month.

In the article, Karlicek weighs in on some of the challenges with sterilizing non-linear surfaces such as N95  masks. “The radiation has to actually strike the virus to break the [RNA] and inactivate it,” he says. “If those virus particles are sitting behind dirt or covered by another fiber, you’d have to scatter a lot of light before you got a good kill rate.”

Use, sterilize, repeat so masks can be reused. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s [mask] sterilizer developed at LESA in collaboration with CBIS and partner Mt. Sinai bathes both sides of a mask at once in UV.


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