New Horticulture Light Modules Developed at LESA Accelerate Indoor Plant-Growth Research

New lighting modules being developed at the LESA Center in collaboration with the Greenhouse Lighting & Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium, shows real promise for advanced control over the spectral distribution of color-mixing lights for horticulture research. The Tunable Irradiance Growth Efficacy Research (TIGER) Light can be used to dynamically adjust spectrum and intensity in order to evoke specific physiological responses from the plants. The six-wavelength modular fixture design can be “daisy-chained” to flexibly cover a wide range of growth area dimensions.

As light is a source of both information and energy for plants, creating spectrally uniform precise ‘light algorithms’ by controlling the timing and spectral power distribution is critical for optimizing controlled environment agriculture (CEA) plant growth. The TIGER Light will help to determine how the dynamic use of specific wavelengths can augment plant growth rates and improve nutritional value while controlling other plant qualities for improved CEA outcomes.


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