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2018 News Archive

2018 News Archive

LESA Researcher Explores LEDs for Photons, Physiology and Food

Dr. George “Bud” Brainard with colleagues from Thomas Jefferson University explore how the color, intensity, and distribution of light can now be controlled with unprecedented precision, enabling light to be used both as a signal for specific physiological responses in humans and plants and as an efficient fuel for fresh food production in recent article in Nature Magazine. To learn more, click here.

LESA’s Pod Sensors Enable Powerful Time of Flight Tracking

Time of Flight (ToF) sensing uses the speed of light to measure distance. It plays an essential role in technologies ranging from safe, autonomous self-driving cars to smart phones with facial recognition capabilities. The LESA Center has pioneered and patented (US9,363,859) the use of lighting-based ToF for privacy preserving indoor occupant position measurement.

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LESA Researchers Publish Work on Growth Dynamics in Red Lettuce

Dr. Tessa Pocock and Dr. Matthew Urschel published in agronomy 2018 special issue ‘Sensing and Automated Systems for Improved Crop Management’ with an article entitled, “Remote Detection of Growth Dynamics in Red Lettuce Using a Novel Chlorophyll a Fluorometer”. To learn more, click here.

Greenhouse Lighting Research Helps Shape Future Farming @LESA

LESA senior researcher and plant physiologist Tessa Pocock was asked to participate as an expert on greenhouse lighting in a recent panel discussion for agricultural business owners and local farmers hosted by New York Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner.  The ‘Ag-Tech Roundtable’ was part of a larger initiative aimed at creating an open dialog of finding solutions to modern agriculture problems affecting crop production, efficient and sustainable farming methods, best-practices and industry insights.

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Transforming Healthcare and Wellbeing Through Lighting @LESA

 LESA and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) sponsored a workshop in 2016 to explore pathways to define and promote the adoption of lighting systems specifically for healthcare environments. The aim was to initiate an important dialog among stakeholders on the changes in modern healthcare interior lighting applications, and subsequent  white paper detailing the outcomes and contributions of the workshop participants.
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