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2021 News Archive

2021 News Archive

GLASE Research Update: On the Technical Performance Characteristics of Horticultural Lamps

GLASE has published a comprehensive review of horticulture lighting system performance, including recommendations for both the lighting standards community and growers for navigating the complex and rapidly evolving horticulture lighting ecosystem. This work was performed by Cornell University and Rutgers University, members of the GLASE horticulture lighting consortium, of which RPI and LESA are founding members.

Timothy J. Shelford and Arend-Jan Both’s paper “On the Technical Performance Characteristics of Horticultural Lamps”

Spatially Adaptive Tunable Lighting Addresses Indoor Illumination Challenges

Beam-steerable lighting delivers the right light when and where you need it.
By Leah Scott 

(TROY, New York) Imagine walking into a conference room where there are no light switches or lighting control panels. Rather the light is “aware.” It automatically responds to where you are in the room, where others are and the tasks they are performing while smoothly adjusting illuminance to the precise lighting needed to optimize comfort, productivity and circadian function. In fact, you won’t have to do anything to the lights because the lighting designer is embedded in the smart lighting system. An automatic, beam-steerable lighting control system provides an intelligent, autonomous solution for estimating room occupants’ ideal illumination profiles and “sculpts” the light accordingly […]

DOE Funded Research Conducted Using LESA Lighting Protocols

Can tunable LED Lighting Benefit our Health? Researchers George “Bud” Brainard and John Hanifin at Thomas Jefferson University and David Blask at Tulane University will try to answer this question in a newly funded Department of Energy project. The purpose is to see how LED lighting compares with standard fluorescent light for the health of people on regular daytime work schedules. The research will be conducted at Jefferson’s Light Research Laboratory in Philadelphia using LESA’s lighting protocols.

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LESA Center: Leah Scott, scottl2@rpi.edu, 518-276-4010
Jefferson: Edyta Zielinska, edyta.zielinska@jefferson.edu, 215-267-3553.

LESA Virtual Industry-Academia Day Introducing the EBESS Institute and Perfect Pitch Session

Please join us for our Virtual Industry-Academia Day event introducing the new EBESS Institute and Student Perfect Pitch session on Thursday, June 17, 2021, (11:00 am – 1:00 pm ET). An overview of the Institute for Energy, the Built Environment, and Smart Systems (EBESS) will be presented by co-directors Dr. Robert Karlicek, Jr. and Dr. Dennis Shelden. The new Institute was recently announced by Rensselaer President, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson in response to President Biden’s White House Leaders Summit on Climate. EBESS will be led by both the LESA and CASE centers,  with […]