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Pre-College Programs

LESA Pre-college programs are designed to engage and inspire participants to consider further studies or careers in engineering (especially in Lighting) and provide an understanding of basic engineering principles. Programs are designed and offered to K-12 students, and community college or vocational program students interested in professional development.

Activities and Programs

Optical Signals

Ages K - 12

Student will learn about the use of light in controlling televisions, computers, etc. and how to send music through airwaves.

Light Saber

Ages K - 12

Students will create a discharge lamp that can be used to remotely control a touch lamp using the electrical noise it generates.

LED Simple Circuit

Ages K - 12

Using 9V batteries, resistors, potentiometers, and LEDs, students will build simple LED circuits.

LED Design

Ages K - 12

Students will gain an introduction to MobileStudio and the basics of LED design and mechanics.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ages K - 12

Students will learn about visible and invisible, and will observe the color spectrum using spectrometers and diffracting grafting slides.

Comparing Lightbulbs with Modern Instrumentation

Ages K - 12

Students will gain a working understanding of light from various types of bulbs by comparing incandescent, compact florescent, and LED lights.

The Power of Light

Ages K - 5

Geared toward younger students, this program introduces a culmination of lighting topics including the electromagnetic spectrum and comparisons of various types of light bulbs.

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