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Tessa Pocock, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Tessa Pocock started her academic career in horticulture where she earned a Diploma in Greenhouse Management. While working in research greenhouses she became more and more interested and focused on the fundamentals of plants. She received an Honors BSc in plant science, an MSc in plant biochemistry and a PhD in plant physiology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Dr. Pocock was a recipient of a prestigious postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowship that took her to Sweden where she studied the effect of environmental stresses on extremophilic green algae. There she conducted laboratory experiments that mimicked the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (TAR-2003) observations of increased temperatures and reduced salinity in northern oceans. This work led to one of the first research studies attributing an organism’s phenotypic plasticity to its ability to withstand disturbances in their local climates. She then joined a horticultural LED fixture developer in Sweden as Director of Research. In that capacity, Dr. Pocock and her collaborators at Chalmers University of Technology worked on plant light optimization and biosensing that resulted in two European patents and one Swedish patent.  At LESA, she is now leading a transdisciplinary engineering and plant research program utilizing the integration of ultra-efficient LED lighting systems with sophisticated sensor networks and advanced lighting control methods to understand how spectrally dynamic lighting can benefit all living systems.  Dr. Pocock is globally recognized as a leader in the study of light and plants.

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