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Narrow Emission Red Phosphor

Translational Projects

Translational projects are primarily sponsored projects that are relevant to the ERC’s strategic plan, but that are close to commercialization or that fill a specific R&D need for an industry or industrial partner.

Translational Project Goals

  • Commercialize and disseminate research results
  • Broad Implementation of smart lighting technologies

Translational Projects

  • Simulation Tools (Corporate Sponsor) – Richard Radke, RPI
  • Thermal and Optical Nanomaterials (NYSERDA) – Linda Schadler, RPI
  • Advanced Phosphors (Corporate Sponsor) – Partha Dutta, RPI
  • IRIS Biosensor Commercialization (CIMIT and NSF) – Selim Unlu, BU
  • Photocatalytic Nanostructures (NSF GOALI) – Joel Plawsky, RPI
  • Commercial Drivers of Success in Smart Lighting (NSF Core) – Susan Sanderson and Kenneth Simons, RPI

Translational Publications

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