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Top 10 Germicidal UV Lighting Questions Get Answered with LESA Center Director and Rensselaer Lighting Expert Robert Karlicek

UVC Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for disinfection in the era of coronavirus. […]

LESA Brings Engineered Solutions to Healthcare

LESA’s Healthcare team has been busy! In case you missed it, check out what’s been happening around our Healthy Lighting research vertical.


LESA Center Director Co-Presented in IALD Global Webinar

Robert Karlicek joined experts Darcie Chinnis and David Pfund in recent IALD Webinar: Lighting Design and GUV Technology. Germicidal lighting has become an increasingly popular topic for its potential as an effective disinfectant application against germs, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19 in the built environment.



LESA Experts Cited in Recent LEDs Magazine Last Word Column

Understand the facts about UV-C LEDs and germicidal applications – Center Director Robert Karlicek and Leah Scott set the record straight on how packaged LEDs fit into the germicidal UV application space. […]

LESA’s UVC Disinfection Work with Mt. Sinai Cited in IEEE Spectrum

Center Director Robert Karlicek comments on the ‘unique systems for using UVC light to sterilize masks in bulk‘ in the October IEEE Spectrum issue: The Next Pandemic.


LESA Researchers Published in Chronobiology International

John Wen, Agung Julius, and  LESA researchers at UNM were published in the prestigious Chronobiology International Journal for their work on ‘Actigraphy-based parameter tuning process for adaptive notch filter and circadian phase shift estimation’.



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