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LESA Center Director presents LEDs Magazine Webcast

  Bob Karlicek will discuss ultraviolet (UVC) technology and its use against pathogens during a webcast hosted by LEDs Magazine on June 18 at 1 PM EDT.

Unique System for Using UVC Light to Sterilize Masks in Bulk Developed at Rensselaer

LESA researchers in collaboration with the Center for Biotechnology & Interdisciplinary (CBIS)  at Rensselaer, developed a new device for making masks reusable in the fight against COVID-19. This project began at the request of longtime research partners at Mount Sinai. As the pandemic worsened in New York City, and the shortage of PPE deepened, they asked if Rensselaer could develop a way to make critical resources last longer without losing their effectiveness. The speed with which the Rensselaer team devised and built this solution expedites the possibility that it will be helpful in the fight against the pandemic. A design and construction process that often takes months, or even years, was completed in a matter of weeks.

U.S. Department of Energy Awards $2.8M to LESA

The Department of Energy announced February 10, 2020  – $74 million awarded for 63 selected projects to, ‘research, develop, and test energy-efficient and flexible building technologies, systems, and construction practices to improve the energy performance of the Nation’s buildings and electric grid.


11th Annual Industry-Academia Days Speakers Announced

IADays2020 has been postponed due to issues related to COVID-19 and Resnsselaer’s protocol for social distancing at this time. This year’s theme:“How do we get to SMART Cities?” will include insights on how we take the fundamentals of the built environment, integrated into the elements of a SMART Cities infrastructure, and use them to create the SMART Connected Communities of the Future.  […]

Engineered Solutions for Circadian Function & Human Centric Lighting

The LESA Healthcare Research team has been busy! In case you missed it, check out what’s been happening around health and lighting.



Congratulations to GLASE’s Erico Mattos

Congratulations to GLASE‘s Executive Director, Dr. Erico Mattos, for being named to LEDs Magazine’s inaugural “40 under 40” list.  GLASE is the public-private partnership between RPI’s LESA and Cornell University, funded by NYSERDA, and focused on greenhouse lighting and systems management.  GLASE is working to develop the next generation of greenhouse technology in LED systems engineering, plant photobiology, plant physiology, and greenhouse environmental controls.

Center Director Included in LD+A Magazine Article

Robert Karlicek‘s insights on smart lighting were included in Illuminating Engineering Society LD+A Magazine’s January 2020 Emerging Markets Rreport.


LESA Researchers Published in LEUKOS for Work on Dynamic Changes in Light on Cognition

Arunas Tuzikas, Robert Karlicek and former LESA Researcher Lauren Hartstein completed human factor studies to better understaend how rapid, dynamic changes in light spectral power distribution can impact cognitive performance and comfort. Their findings on the ‘Impact of Dynamic Changes in Light Spectrum Power Distribution on Cognitive Performance & Wellbeing‘ were recently published in LEUKOS – The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). […]

LESA & GLASE Experts Offer Insights into Controlled Environment Agriculture in LEDs Magazine Blog Series

The LESA Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Greenhouse Lighting & Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium experts from Cornell University participated in a four-part guest blog series with LEDs Magazine between July and October. Throughout the series, they discussed research methods, applications, industry trends and future farming insights for controlled environment agriculture. The blog series was extremely popular generating significant interest around LESA and GLASE research initiatives. Two of the four blogs were ranked among LEDs ‘Top 5 Blogs of 2019’ – including the number 1 spot. […]


Annual Industry-Academia Days
Postponed – TBD 2020

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